Saturday, September 24, 2011

Diana Nyad still swimming toward Florida despite jellyfish-filled night - ESPN

Diana Nyad still swimming toward Florida despite jellyfish-filled night - ESPN:

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Overview: This 60 year old women name Diana Nyad is trying to best her own record for swimming across an open water without a shark cage by about a half mile. She is swimming from a marina in Havana, Cuba to Florida. She previously tried this same swim except with a shark cage at the age of 28 back in 1978 and made it 42 hours before she had to call it quits.

Then she tried again this August without a cage but had a severe asthma attack that lasted for 11 straight hours and she toughed it out until the 29 hour mark but had to end it one more time. She used that expierence as a sort of practice run and does not consider it a failure and still contends it had nothing to do with her age. Although she didn't plan on trying again she ended up flying to Cuba two days ago because of what she called "a magical window" which was the good weather and ideal sea conditions for her attempt.

At this point she is about halfway through her about 60 hour trip and she has dealt with a sighting of an Oceanic White Tipped Shark and barracudas were also spotted in the general vicinity. As if seeing those deadly creatures was not enough to deal with and get her back on the boat to safety she got stung by a "Portuguese Man O'war" jellyfish overnight and had difficulty breathing as a result which lead her handlers to give her oxygen and a steroid shot from the doctors.

This is one tough, amazing, and strong women. Strong both mentally and physically obviously. Remember throughout all of these possible disaster's waiting to happen she STAYED IN THE WATER. There is no getting on the boat until the sharks go away, no going downstairs below deck to take a nap cause you don't feel well, none of this, well there's a possible deadly women-eating animal big enough to swallow me in minutes and if he wanted swim right past my "safety divers" and kill me while the terrifying barracudas circle their snack and down below she swims unknowingly close to another potential roadblock in the jellyfish. The rules she imposed are she must stay in the water at all times until the swim is completed. She gets to stop swimming every 45 and 90 minutes to rest and just tread water while her assistants pass her food like pasta, bananas, pieces of peanut butter sandwiches and high calorie/high carb liquid made drinks.

Marathon swimmers have said that tonight will be the biggest test because if she can make it through the second night(which is tonight) then she's more likely to succeed. But I think she made it through the toughest part already......not swimming right to her boat and telling them to bring her back home RIGHT I wouldve done.

But let's all hope this incredible women makes it not only through tonight but all the way to the Florida coast and shore.....